Monday, April 13, 2009

Casting a Wide Net

Been busy learning how to use wax to create models for casting. I want to make some of my own jewelry findings instead of using store bought ones. Findings are components or materials used to make jewelry such as clasps, bead caps and bead cones for multi strand necklaces.  

A wax model can be cast in a gold or silver or a mold can be made and then the piece can be cast multiple times. Casting is a complicated process so I will have a local Albuquerque artisan, Dan Morgan, do the actual mold making and casting.

My ultimate goal is to have the items plated in 24 karat gold over silver which is what vermeil is. It is a more yellow and richer color gold than 14 karat.

Whew, this wax doesn't behave very well! Gotta keep practicing.

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